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A Half-Century of Making Customers Look Their Best

We do more than make folding cartons. We play an important role in
helping you stand out on the shelf and sell more products.
With more than 50 years of success, we know exactly
what it takes to create carton packaging that pops.

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Equipped to Handle Any Type of Project

Large order or small, we deliver. Straightforward or specialized construction,
we deliver. What sets us apart is our ability to complete any type of project,
while delivering the speed, quality and cost that our customers require.

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The Right Choice for the World’s Leading Brands

Companies like GE, RubberMaid and Abbott Labs demand world-class service.
As a privately held company, we’re able to deliver. Our flexibility translates to
highly competitive pricing. Our agility enables rapid turnaround times.
Our customer focus ensures that we’re the best folding carton partner possible.

Designed to Deliver

Not all folding carton manufacturers are the same. Larger ones get bogged down by their size and tend to react slowly to customer requests and challenges. Smaller ones are simply unable to handle complex or specialized projects. Coburn Carton Solutions is sized just right for customers that need the best of everything. We have the breadth of expertise and technology to serve any size and type of project. We have the depth of experience to provide the undivided attention and the level of service our customers’ require. Simply, Coburn Carton Solutions is designed to deliver more than just folding cartons.
We’re designed to deliver a real world competitive edge.

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